Aztlán is on a mission to bring clean chemicals and sustainable manufacturing to the world. 

The Aztlán team plans to build the most cost-efficient and environmentally responsible Chlor-Alkali plant in the world. 

Practical and scaleable, Aztlán Chemicals will be a green chemical plant with a ramping technology that integrates wind energy to power operations while annually offsetting up to one million tons of CO2. 


chemicals 003.png

Clean Chemicals from Renewable Energy

factory 003.png

Green and Sustainable Manufacturing

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Low Cost Wind Power for Operations

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Advanced Chlor-Alkali Technology

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Scalable Model works for other Sites



Aztlán will use a technology that is a combination of hardware and software components which allow the plant to be curtailable and dispatchable with advanced operational controls and a green, operational model.


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Ramping Equipment and Processes


Water Neutral Design


Dissolved Salt Recovery

operational model.png

Advanced Operational Controls/Model

green hydrogen.png

Green Hydrogen Power Generation 


Aztlán’s technology and green plant model is a practical and sustainable solution to the Chlor-Alkali industry: it’s replicable, scaleable, and adaptable for different sites around the world where it is otherwise impossible for plants to operate, such as renewable-rich and dry, water stressed locations.

North America

United States



New Zealand

New Zealand



Gobi / Tibetan plateau region of Asia

The Gobi & the Tibeten Plateau



Aztlán will manufacture the same chemicals as traditional producers, yet in a clean and sustainable way; no fossil fuels will be used and waste will be recycled on-site. 

There is now a spotlight on environmental sustainability in the chemicals industry, and Aztlán’s green model, technology, and reduced energy costs will have a profound impact on modern manufacturing and mainstream industry.



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