Aztlān (pronounced “ahz-lawn”), a poetic name for the Southwest (the States of Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Arizona, Coahuila, Chihuahua, and Sonora), was the sacred Garden of Eden in ancient texts. Aztlan Incorporated strives to build the economic, commercial, industrial and technological infrastructure of the Southwest, while devoutly respecting the region’s environment, cultural-historic sites, and heritage. 

Aztlan Incorporated is a vertically and horizontally integrated company that keeps its internal costs low by reducing inter-corporate transactions. Aztlan Chemicals, a subsidiary of Aztlan Incorporated, is a Chlor-Alkali plant that maintains a “fully reversible footprint on the land” model and “zero-impact” philosophy. Aztlan uses stranded or bottle-necked renewable energy resources to electrochemically synthesize high value, high energy compounds and products from readily available, low value, low energy resources, using a “one-way-out” principle that every flue gas, every effluent, every drop of material from the plant has a specific and defined buyer who takes explicit responsibility for the product at the point of sale.